Words and Deeds - Authorized Standard (excerpt)
Scored for live cello and electronics, this work of dance-theater takes as its subject the tragic events involving the Branch Davidians and Federal agents in Waco, Texas.

Genesis - part 2 (excerpt)
From an electronic score for dancers.

Hidden Places - On being called to secret worlds (excerpt)
Performed by Tom Beghin on a fortepiano, this movement includes a quote from one of Haydn's piano sonatas.

Sensing Angels - Part 3 (excerpt)
Scored for clarinet modified by electronics controlled live by the performer (using the audio-programming language CSound).

The Fight
Underscore from the film Cancellation Hearts.

Echoes of Rom - Part 3
This work was written for singers in a Bulgarian womens choir based in Los Angeles as an accompaniment to dance.

the_chill_room (excerpt)
A work that that took rave culture as inspiration, scored for flute, clarinet, piano, and vibraphone.


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